• Fits all sizes and types

  • Easy to use

  • Holds up to 10lbs

  • Clamps to the branch

Keep your memories safe & secure

How does it work?

Ornament Anchor's patent pending loop and pull secures ornaments safely in place.

How fast does it ship?

Our elves are always in the workshop and know you need these for your tree. Orders are shipped within 1 business day and we have many shipping options to choose from.

How strong is it?

Ornament Anchor can hold up to 10 pounds of weight.

Does it fit all sizes?

Ornament Anchor fits all shapes and sizes of ornaments so you can feel confident your ornaments are secure. It even fits all the Hallmark and Lennox ornaments!

What colors does it come in?

Ornament Anchor comes in 6 colors: Green, Red, White, Gold, Silver and Black.

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  • "Ornament Anchor saved the day for one of my most precious
    ornaments. They are easy to use and super sturdy"

    - Jennifer Cowan
  • These are the best Christmas tree ornament hooks! These are great! I wish someone would have come up with these years ago.

    - Christy Harris
  • I love these because they’re actually sturdy and hold your ornaments to the tree even when little hands are curious and dogs run around the tree and bump it!

    - Shelly Lynn
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Ornament Anchor keeps your memories safe.

Did you know? The average person breaks 3 ornaments per year.

Ordinary hooks and ribbons just don’t work.
They only drape over a branch, leaving precious ornaments at risk. Ornament Anchor’s patent-pending loop + pull clamps to the branch and keeps ornaments safely in their place.

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every purchase helps a pet in need

Help us, Help Pets

We really love animals and want to help them as much as we can. We donate a small portion of each sale to no-kill animal shelters, in honor of our shelter dog Zara.

With each purchase of an ornament anchor, you’ll be helping us raise money for Shelter pets in need.

Every year, an estimated 2,000,000 homeless pets are euthanized. Our goal is to help create a no-kill world where all homeless pets find loving homes.

We couldn’t of done this without the awesome support of all of our customers!